Cheek Filler

Over time the muscles in our faces are closer to the surface of the skin, due to the loss of subcutaneous fat. This means lines and wrinkles become more pronounced. Dermal fillers provide facial rejuvenation similar to a non-surgical face lift and are used to add volume, enhance, contour and soften facial creases.

This is a painless procedure which means that we don’t have to give you an anaesthetic, but we will if you would feel more comfortable having one. We use a long, fine needle filled with the filler gels and inject them just above your cheekbone.

We use dermal fillers with the most popular being Teosyal, Uma Jeunesse and Juvederm, which come from hyaluronic acid.

Our bodies produce hyaluronic acid which provides our skin with the elasticity and plumpness to give a youthful appearance. Our fillers are produced as a gel and do not contain animal or human DNA and this means they are some of the safest fillers currently available.

Results will last up to 9-12 months. If you have follow-up treatments the procedure tends to last longer than if you don’t.

There might be slight bruising, but this should diminish within 2 to 3 days however any swelling may take up to a month to settle down completely.

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