Tear Trough Filler

Tear trough filler is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment for individuals with lower eyelid dark circles or dark hollows. In the lower eyelid a weakening of the orbital septum, and in the cheek area a loss of soft tissue volume, tends to exaggerate the appearance of the lower bony facial area which lies between the lower eyelid and the cheek.

This also leads to the appearance of ‘eye bags’ and together these can lead to dark shadows or hollows beneath the eyes. This can cause a tired, ageing appearance.

The use of filler injections offers you a less invasive alternative treatment than cosmetic surgery. Some people may also benefit from mid face filler injections which help to restore a youthful shape to the face by filling the inner and outer part of the upper cheeks.

We use dermal fillers for this treatment and clinical trials have shown that Teosyal Redensity II offers longer lasting results, improved safety and a more comfortable experience. We have also found the best results with Teosyal over other competitors. This dermal filler comes from the hyaluronic acid.

Our bodies produce hyaluronic acid which provides our skin with elasticity and plumpness to give a youthful appearance. Our fillers are produced as a gel and do not contain animal or human DNA which means they are one of the safest fillers available currently.

We will give you a topical anaesthetic to prevent any pain. After that, we will inject a cannula with a dermal filler into your cheek area and fill the hollow, or eye bags underneath the eyes. As you won’t be asleep, you can see what is going on during the procedure.

Tear Trough Filler is not a permanent treatment, but the results should last between 12- 18 months. After that, you can have follow-up treatments to renew the area.

There may be some swelling within the next couple of days following the treatment but as this cosmetic procedure is non-invasive, it means there is little or no bruising. The procedure is painless. We recommend that you leave your face free from creams or make-up for around 12 hours after the procedure in order to avoid infection. Using arnica cream or gel around the area will also help remove any bruising.

This is an affordable treatment and one which can be done quickly, without you having to take time off work for a surgical procedure and post-surgery recovery.

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