Our Treatments

For all treatments and procedures, in-depth consultations are carried out where we will answer your questions, leaving you feeling much more comfortable and informed on what to expect.
Anti-wrinkle Inections
Anti-wrinkle Injections (Botox) helps smooth away wrinkles and lines.
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Chemical Peel
Chemical Peels help bring a new lease of life to your skin.
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Fat Dissolving
Fat Dissolving helps destroys stubborn fat cells.
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Our Blog

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What our clients
said about us

Courtesy of our fabulous clientele, we have over 300 five star reviews on our Facebook page.
"I've been to Exult Cosmetics for chemical peel, chin filler and lip fillers and every time I've had amazing results."
Emma Victoria Hammett
"My practitioner was so careful to explain all the advisories, steps and options. I felt safe in her hands and am so happy with the results."
Libby Wells
"Fiona made me feet at ease getting lip filler for the first time. She talked me through all my options, warned me of complications and gave detailed aftercare advice."
Corann Goodney
"Fiona radiates kindness and passion for what she does which is important for me as I feel she truly has her clients best interests and looks at heart!"
Josie Wills